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Module 3

Post Incident

Ensure you watch the post-incident video below. 

1 Post Incident

Personal Responsibility
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After a raid, there will be a lot of confusion and upset and therefore the more decisive you are the better it is.  Hopefully, you will be able to apply the calming techniques which were covered earlier in the programme.  If you are able, then take charge or assist the person who has taken control until the police arrive.



  • Lock the door so the robbers can’t get back in or if that’s not possible because you work in a large building, then try to chaperone the victims into a safe part of the premises and away from the actual crime scene where there could be vital evidence

  • Call the police and if necessary an ambulance

  • Concentrate on the welfare of the victims some of whom may not have physical injuries but could be psychologically harmed

  • Encourage everyone to stay until the police arrive

  • If someone wants to leave for argument's sake a customer then take down their contact details and ask them to record or write down what they have witnessed

  • Preserve the crime scene if necessary using a barricade such as a chair

  • After all the welfare, safety and security issues have been dealt with think about getting the business up and running again, in other words business continuity

Congratulations on completing
Module 3 of your training!

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